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  Our Strategy to Complete the Project
1. Meet With The Client
We meet our customer, understand the business, needs, goals, target audience and geography.

2. Internal Team Discussion

We get into our meeting room to discuss the required tools, techniques and craft a strategy along with the tactical plan.
3. Re-Meet With The Client
We prepare our prelim proposal covering on what we would do, how we will do it and the result.
4. Final Proposal
It may take some iterations in the proposed methodology, and after the finalization, we prepare our final proposal along with the financials. The proposal also contains the details on life span of engagement and the report formats which are published on weekly basis.
5. Team Allocation
After acceptance of our proposal, we allocate the best suited team as per required skill sets. The team is introduced for 100% transparency.
6. Kick Off Meeting
A kick off meeting is done immediately after the team allocation. We utilize this opportunity to introduce the team, orient the team towards the goals and objectives and prepare the tactical action plan. The action plan is created as per a 3 Step Management Process which defines the possible outcome of each step to be performed by the team.
7. Start Of Work
The most interesting part of the process is when the team is activated to start working. The outcome of each step is carefully monitored and analysed to calibrate the strategy and action plan. We keep our customer updated with what we are doing and also on the outcome.
8. Calibrations In Strategy And Plans
The calibration in strategy and tactical plans is always required due to change in the online world. Each time, we observe a change, we calibrate immediately, discuss with our client and put that in action.
9. Weekly Report
We are very particular about publishing quadrant weekly report covering, what we did, what was accomplished, the concerns, the action plan for upcoming week. And these weekly reports are discussed during our weekly meeting with our customers.
10. Deliver the Final Project
To be recognized by our clients as an excellent support partner helping them on each step taken towards building their presence online - starting from developing their websites, establishing their online business and promoting their brand worldwide.
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